Teresa Decker

A series of injuries left Teresa Decker grappling with shoulder pain for 16 years. For awhile, massage therapy, acupuncture and chiropractic treatments brought her relief from the nagging pain in her left shoulder. But sometimes, such simple tasks as washing windows or carrying groceries would cause a flare-up and Teresa would be forced to rest her left arm for a few days. 

Eventually, the flare ups became more frequent and Teresa got to the point where she could no longer use her left arm at all without enduring intense pain.  “It felt like knives cutting into my shoulder blade,” said Teresa. “I also had tingling and weakness in my left arm.”

 A friend who had received treatment from Dr. Jatana suggested she make an appointment. Although shoulder problems brought her into his office, Dr. Jatana discovered that her pain was actually caused by a herniated disc in Teresa’s neck. He suggested artificial disc replacement surgery to treat the problem.

 “This visit changed my life! I felt that Dr. Jatana knew just what he was talking about and was completely confident in his treatment plan,” remembered Teresa. “My husband and I felt exactly the same when we left. Everything made absolute sense to us and there was no question as to what we would do.”

 Teresa had surgery in April 2013. She came out of the procedure experiencing minimal pain and felt well enough to go off her prescribed medications after three days. The six weeks following surgery were pain free for Teresa, who also discovered that the strength in arm was completely restored. She even went river rafting (while wearing a brace to protect her neck). After another six weeks of physical therapy, Teresa was able to play baseball again and sew.

 “I had my life back, thanks to a wonderful doctor!” said Teresa.