Julio Escobar

In 2010, I was involved in a pretty serious car accident that totaled my car. I went to the emergency room but no serious injuries were detected. About six months later, I noticed a tingling in my legs and on the side of my body. That turned into a lower backache that got worse and worse.

I am a very active guy, accustomed to running 20 miles a week. However, the problem got so bad I had to stop running. It took a horrible toll on my family too. I would get home from work and go somewhere in the house to lay on the floor by myself. That was the only way I could handle the pain as it was constant. I would pray for 30 seconds of no pain.

I went to physical therapy, acupuncturists and chiropractors and nothing helped. They weren’t sure what the problem was. They all thought I had sciatica. 

Since I wasn’t having any luck, I talked to my nephew who had suffered through a Degenerative spine condition when he was a teenager. Dr. Jatana had treated him and he was the first person my nephew told me to see. 

When I met with Dr. Jatana he suggested that an MRI would help show us what the problem was. It revealed a herniated disc and we scheduled an epidural steroid injection of cortisone. That helped, but for only a very short amount of time. I was now at the point that I was unable to work , so instead of doing more shots, I opted for surgery.

Dr. Jatana was very compassionate and empathetic. He provided me with a good understanding of surgery and he walked through the procedure more than once. At that point I was so determined in my decision that I would take any liability to get the problem taken care of. I knew he specialized in the procedure I was having done and I had no problem putting my life in his hands. I would gladly do it again.

By the day after surgery, I already had an incredible outcome. When I got home I started walking and within a week I was walking a mile. I feel like a million bucks. Every Saturday night, my wife, my daughter and I have a dance party where we all dance and sing together. Now that I can participate again, I can tell how deprived they were of my attention. 

Since the surgery, my life has been just fantastic. I have no pain at all! I can sleep again and now start to live an active life with my family. There is no comparison to how I was living before seeing Dr. Jatana. I have no problem recommending Dr. Jatana’s services, in fact, I already have.