Artificial Disc Options

Research studies are now showing that Cervical Disc Replacement has better outcomes and overall success when compared to traditional fusion surgery.

According to the North American Spine Society, which is the most respected international society of fellowship-trained spine surgeons,  patients who underwent disc replacement surgery on the neck had better functional and neurological success and are were LESS likely to need repeat surgery at the same level and LESS likely to develop problems at the other adjacent levels.

Denver cervical spine surgeon, Dr. Sanjay Jatana is a leader in artificial disc replacement for the neck and has been performing cervical disc replacement surgeries since 2005.

There are an array of artificial disc options in the neck. Dr. Sanjay Jatana has been trained to perform surgery using the following types of artificial discs:

  • Mobi-C
  • Prestige
  • ProDisc-C
  • Bryan
  • Secure-C
  • PCM

There are certain artificial discs that we emphasize over others because of the motion preservation characteristics, ease of surgical implantation, issues if the disc needs to be replaced, etc. All of these issues are considered by Dr. Jatana in a recommendation of specific artificial disc.

One of the most popular artificial discs for the neck is the Mobi-C artificial disc. It was the first disc to receive FDA approval for two levels in the neck. Click here to learn more about the Mobi-C Artificial Disc available in Denver.

Unlike other disc surgeons who typically emphasize one disc, Dr. Jatana is trained and proficient in the use of several different FDA-approved artificial discs. Dr. Jatana mainly uses the Prodisc Vivo disc, the Mobi-C disc, the Prestige-LP disc and the Prodisc-C disc because they address the needs of many different patients.  Some have different sizes to address the difference between a large man and a petite woman. 

Each patient is evaluated by Dr. Jatana to determine if their herniation is appropriate for an artificial disc, and then which artificial disc would be best for each person. There are many concerns as some discs come in different sizes to adjust for smaller frames, such as with women and smaller men. Patients can get an assessment by Dr. Jatana by calling 303-697-7463. 


Nancy had a two level artificial disc replacement in her neck with Dr. Jatana in Denver, Colorado. A traditional spinal fusion would have severely limited her range of motion in her neck, potentially putting more strain on the other discs. The two artificial discs provide motion preservation which lessens the stress on the remaining cervical discs.