Deborah Wittman

Very gradually, I started experiencing an ache in my right arm and a very subtle loss in strength. At first, I thought I just had lactic acid built up in my arm. I dropped a ten-pound weight and did not have the strength to do a bench press. I actually fell off the bench – that’s when I knew I had a problem.

I called a physical therapist, who referred me to a doctor. For three to four weeks, I had to wrap my arm in heating pads. I also went to acupuncturists and had weekly massages, but nobody could help me.

I heard about Dr. Jatana from one of his former patients who had a very positive experience with his office and a successful recovery. I had a pinched nerve and he diagnosed it immediately. He knew my problem and he knew he could fix it. 

The problem was in my neck, but I had no pain there. Dr. Jatana recommended surgery and they fused two discs in my neck. I had had radiating pain down my arm for three months, but when I woke up after surgery it was gone. I took just one pain killer and never had to take another pill. It was a phenomenal result. I have no pain or issues in my arm.

Everyone in Dr. Jatana’s office was so responsive. It was such a positive experience. They provided a tremendous solution to a physical problem I was having. It was so well explained that I understood exactly what needed to be done. They didn’t miss a thing.

My surgery was late in the day on October 1, 2013 and I climbed Waynapicchu (this is a peak that is 1,000 ft. straight up at the Inca ruins of Machu Picchu), on November 1, 2013—30 days later with my rigid neck brace on. I could not have made this climb prior to my October 1 surgery!