Mike Dobbs

For Mike Dobbs, chronic back pain had become a way of life. He spent a decade avoiding social events or trips to the grocery store because anything that required long periods of standing aggravated the pain. For awhile, cortisone injections provided anywhere from two to six months of relief. But eventually, the shots became more ineffective and Mike got to the point where he couldn’t even take a shower without enduring intense pain. After 10 minutes of walking or standing, Mike’s left leg would go numb.

“On a scale of 1 to 10, it probably started out at a 3 and then got to 10 during the last two to three years,” explains Mike.

Mike decided it was time to get help and found Dr. Jatana through a recommendation from a physician assistant. “He answered all of my questions and took the time to really explain the situation,” recalls Mike.  “My wife and I both felt comfortable with him.”

It was clear to Dr. Jatana that Mike would need surgery to repair a compressed nerve – the source of his pain. Still, Mike appreciated the way Dr. Jatana offered his insight but ultimately left the decision to have surgery up to him. He ended up having an MRI done and another follow-up visit before deciding to go forward with a fusion surgery on his lower spine.

“The relief was immediate, remembers Mike. “I had my surgery on a Tuesday and by Friday, I had started walking around our driveway for 20 minutes, three times a day.”

Gradually, Mike worked his way up to walking five times a day and five months after surgery he was playing golf. It’s been nearly two years since Mike had his surgery and he golfs without a cart, mountain bikes three times a week and continues to do the exercises he learned in his rehab. He has no pain and can stand for hours without a problem.

“It was one of the greatest decisions I made,” says Mike of his surgery. “I’ve never been in better shape or stronger.”

In fact, Mike says he wishes he would’ve opted for surgery sooner and doesn’t hesitate to recommend Dr. Jatana.

“I wouldn’t send anyone anywhere else. I think he’s just an artist. Whatever he did, he did it perfectly and I couldn’t be happier!”