Bill Valentine, PhD

“Let us face it, surgery is not for the weak of heart, especially when you are 75 years old. You want the best surgeon in their medical specialty you can find. Then on the dreaded day of surgery, you want to see their face before you go under and you hope to see them again in recovery room when you awake.  Now let me tell you about Dr. Sanjay Jatana.”

“From 1984 to the present, I have had extensive experience with many orthopedic surgeons. I have found Dr. Jatana to be an outstanding surgeon, very compassionate, and willing to spend whatever time was necessary to answer all of my concerns relative to my medical care.”  

“My only regret is that I did not have his medical expertise in my younger years when my medical issues arose as an Infantry Captain back in 1984.”
“I consider myself extremely fortunate to have selected him as my current surgeon.  Under Dr. Jatana’s care, he took time to thoroughly advise me on all aspects of my surgical treatment plan and advised me on the options that we would agree to follow. After the surgeries, he also spent the time to reassure me about my recovery progress.  I had the comforting feeling that he and Heather Duncan (his Physician Assistant), were both involved with me personally and professionally.”

“Thanks Doc…”
Bill Valentine, PhD
Lieutenant Colonel, US Army, Retired