Dr. Sanjay Jatana, Orthopaedic Surgeon

As a leading orthopaedic surgeon, Dr. Jatana has built a reputation as an expert in his field and a valuable resource for the media. Through his two decades in practice, Dr. Jatana has shown a commitment to sharing the lessons he’s learned with other top spine doctors in Denver, in hopes of improving the overall quality and delivery of spine care.

He is asked to speak frequently about treatment advances in orthopaedic surgery for professional associations serving top spine doctors, industry conferences, hospitals and academic institutions. A former co-medical director of the Rose Spine Institute, Dr. Jatana’s most recent presentations and research articles have explored cervical artificial disc replacement and new and less invasive treatment options for other common spine conditions.

As a veteran orthopedic surgeon with deep connections in the Denver medical community, Dr. Jatana often works with other physicians and orthopedic surgeons to provide solutions for patients suffering from spine disorders.

He is also available to talk with members of the media about orthopaedic spine surgery, cervical spine surgery, the challenges of running a private practice as a spine doctor, health reform and insurance issues, and spine surgery trends.


If you would you like to schedule a media interview with Dr. Jatana, Denver spine surgeon, or inquire about speaking opportunities or presentations, please contact:

Toreen Ovind
303.697.7463 ext 120