Tips To Prevent Discomfort

Nov 20, 2015

Most people at one point or another in their life will experience neck pain. A recent study in the journalSpine even showed that almost half of boys and girls aged 15-16 years have neck pain! Here are some tips to help prevent discomfort:

  • Posture: Set your sitting posture and workstation up for success.  Sit upright and against the back of a good chair.  Your computer screen should be eye-level and straight ahead.  Finally, the keyboard should be elbow height.  Also, watch for glare on the screen or drafts from the air conditioning/heat – these things might make you shift or change the way you are trying to sit.    jatana_posture_diagram.jpg
  • Excessive telephone use: Use a headset if you are on the telephone a lot.
  • Night time: It’s best for your neck if you avoid sleeping on your stomach.  A cervical pillow and sleeping on your back or sides is best.
  • General health: Regular aerobic exercise and relaxation techniques have been found to help decrease pain and the likelihood of having future pain. Even walking daily can be very beneficial.
  • If you use a backpack or a bag, keep it light.  Use both straps of the backpack to distribute the weight evenly.  Alternate which arm carries a bag or purse that is carried on one side.