Jul 10, 2015

Dr. Jatana’s surgical patients now have a new option. In addition to traditional hospitals, Dr. Jatana is now working with Mile High Surgery Center, a new outpatient surgical center conveniently located in Greenwood Village, near Dr. Jatana’s office.

Stand-alone outpatient surgical centers offer many benefits including:

  • Lower risk of infection
  • Specialty-based care (spine surgeries are one of Mile High’s five practice areas)
  • Efficient service (The focus on one type specialty and lack of emergency care keeps procedures on schedule).
  • Personalized care
  • Convenience

The 7,000-square foot surgical center also provides a high ratio of medical staff to patients in order to provide the highest quality experience and attentive care.

Some patients, particularly those with chronic conditions, may prefer a traditional hospital setting. Dr. Jatana will continue to perform surgeries at Sky Ridge Medical Center and Rose Medical Center.

Dr. Jatana’s staff can answer any questions to help patients make an educated decision about the best site for their surgery. They can help patients compare the cost of having a surgery performed at Mile High Surgery Center (which is an out-of-network provider) versus a hospital.

Dr. Jatana’s staff can also put patients in touch with the center directly so the center can perform a free cost analysis.