COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Notice

Our office is back open to see patients and we are accepting new appointments!

However, if you have an upcoming appointment and you have a temperature of 100.4 or higher; or have any respiratory symptoms; or have been in contact anyone with Coronavirus … Please change to a Telemedicine visit to prevent exposure to our other patients and staff.

For your upcoming appointment in our office: We ask that our patients come to our waiting room without visitors if possible. Also please wear a face mask or other protective face covering, if possible, to your appointment.

If you would prefer to make a TELEMED appointment: We can provide a TELEMED visit and you can spend 30 minutes face-to-face with our spine specialist. Just call our main number to set up your Telemedicine appointment. Many insurers are waiving the co-pay and deductible for Telemedicine during the COVID19 outbreak.

Request a Telemedicine Appointment

To request to perform your visit/evaluation using tele-medicine, please make an appointment by calling (303) 697-7463.

Then, use the instructions below BEFORE your scheduled visit. Please call with any questions.

From a Smart Phone

    1. Before tele-health appointment. Please do this well in advance of the actual appointment.
      1. Download the Hippo Health app
      2. You will get an office staff invite.  This will come up as a message.  Tap on the invite link
      3. Fill out the information form on Hippo Health.
      4. Enter your phone number to receive your pin code via a text message.
      5. Enter the PIN code
    2. Actual visit – You will be sent a text message to start the visit on your iPhone
      1. Click on message
      2. Join video
      3. Give permission to access video and microphone

From computer/laptop

(You will need google chrome on your Windows based laptop OR Mac or you will need to use a phone app)

    1. Your invitation will be sent to you by email.  Click the here to join invite link in the email.
    2. Fill out the information form on Hippo Health.
    3. Enter your phone number to receive your pin code via a text message. Enter that Pin code.
    4. You are now signed in.
    5. Go to to log in.
    6. Once your visit starts, you can join from your computer.  Although you will receive a notification on your phone, DO NOT click on the phone invite as that will connect you through your phone instead of your computer.
    7. You should choose to share your video and microphone. 
    8. The care provider will end the visit