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Sanjay Jatana, M.D.

Physician Resources - Spine Disorders

As a veteran orthopedic surgeon with deep connections in the Denver medical community, Dr. Jatana often works with other physicians to provide solutions for patients suffering from spine disorders. He has presented to physician groups at hospitals and academic institutions about spine conditions and spine surgery and has also been interviewed by leading industry medical journals and industry publications. Dr. Jatana is a member of the North American Spine Society, the Colorado Medical Society and the Denver Medical Society.

While Dr. Jatana is currently focused primarily on treating cervical spine disorders, Dr. Jatana has, prior to 2017, offered options to patients with disorders impacting the lumbar and thoracic spine. He is committed to sharing information about treatment trends, not only from his own practice, but from other leading orthopedic surgeons as well.

Here are some resources that offer insight into the treatments we utilize for a variety of spine disorders.



Articles - Spine Disorders and Treatment

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Presentations - Spine Disorders and Treatment

Presentation:   Cervical Artificial Disc Replacement - Is it worth it?

Presentation:    Minimally Invasive Cervical Spine Surgery